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1. How can I upload a video that I have on my computer?

You can upload a video directly from your computer. Just save the file on your PC and when you browse the folder, just click on the file and it your video will be uploaded. Please be patient as might take some time to upload the video. Please check the file size is less than 100 MB. 


2. How do I win the contests?

Contest results are determined by the total number of accumulated votes each contest obtains during the actual contest dates.  Votes are given be members of Flaash.  The more votes you receive, the higher your chances are to win.  Please remember that one must be a registered member to vote for contestants and only one vote per email is allowed (per day?).  No purchase is necessary to register or enter contests.


3. How do I apply for jobs?

You can search jobs by category, type or location.  Once you have found a job or audition of interest to you or that you believe you qualify for, you can simply click on the "Apply" button.  An email will be sent from to the corresponding casting agent, audition or job contact.  The email will include your online portfolio and if you are selected, you will be contacted either directly by the position representative or Flaash with further instructions.


5.  Is membership free to join, and if not, can I pay for my registration through PayPal?

Yes, the registration on the site is free, however, if you want to upgrade your membership to include premium profile placement, additional photos, video and more, you can select from the many packages available.  Once you have selected your upgrade level, you may pay through PayPal or our other additional credit card payment options.  If you need any help registering or upgrading, please e-mail us at


6. Can I pay the membership fee in installments?

Yes, membership fees are based on membership levels and packages.  Monthly members may charged by month.  Annual membership packages, which include discounted fees, must be paid once per year.   

7. I want to be a model, can help me?

Yes. is a great way for new and established models to get discovered by agencies and to get further exposure to the largest audience of modeling professionals on the web. It is safe, convenient and FREE. We connect you with the best modeling agencies and talent scouts by making your online portfolio accessible to established and reputable modeling agencies worldwide. We are not an employment agency and cannot provide you modeling work, but we can help you by connecting you with real industry professionals, including agents, talent scouts, photographers and other models.


8. How does help models and talents get discovered?

Here is what does for you:

We save a lot of time and money when compared to traditional scouting meetings, competitions or conventions that can cost up to thousands of dollars. And here is why.  For pennies a day, you get exposure and access to a large database of jobs, auditions and online modeling and talent opportunities.  In addition to exposure, we provide our members access to an online community of industry insiders and others just like them.  All of which, that yearn to be discovered or better themselves in one of the most exciting industries in the world. 

We provide our clients with access to be discovered through our extensive search database, that is used by agencies, industry insiders and talent scouts.  Access is the key.  Without access to information about opportunities, access to be seen, access to be considered and access to promote yourself, you cannot be discovered.  Let us help give you all the acccess you need.


9. What are the requirements for being a model?  Is there a minimum or maximum height, weight or any other requirements?

There are many different types of modeling categories. Each modeling category has differing requirements, however, each individual audition, job or opportunity is unique in itself.  There are no specific requirements to be a member of Flaash.COM, however, it is recommended that prior to applying for any industry opportunity, one should review the pre-requisites of the position to ensure that you are qualified.

The primary modeling categories are: 

  • Children / Commercial
  • Editorial / Fashion / Fitness
  • Personal / Print  

Modeling is open to both males and females of any ethnic or national background. While some modeling categories may have very specific personal attributes or requirements, others may be relatively generic or open to all. There are models in all age ranges.  Two of the most popular categories are Editorial/Fashion (i.e. runway and fashion magazine models) and Commercial. Editorial/Fashion has very strict requirements for height and weight, however Commercial is a very broad category with requirements that are less restrictive. 

Industry standards dictate some basic height requirements for the two primary modeling categories, Commercial and Editorial/Fashion.  Those are:

Commercial Modeling: (USA)

  • Female: 5'6 to 5'11
  • Male:  5'9 to 6'3

Editorial / Fashion Modeling: (USA)

  • Female: 5'8 to 6'1 and 90 - 120 lbs
  • Male: 5'9 to 6'3 and 120 - 170 lbs

Please be mindful that these are general guidelines and as stated previously, model personal attributes may vary by project.


10. What companies are recruiting new models and talents from

We are continually partnering with agencies, talent scouts and talent brokers across many industries and geographic areas. These are established modeling agencies with a proven track record that actively look for new talent on Each agency recruits models for every type of modeling category, including runway/fashion modeling, fitting, commercial modeling and talents including actors, singers, musicians, dancers and more.

When you are contacted by any of our participating agencies, you can be assured it is a legitimate agency, that already represents other models and talents and can help you move your career forward.

New agencies are continually signing on to scout on our site. Throughout the year, Flaash.COM gives you more chances to be discovered and make the process safe, easy, convenient and inexpensive.


Here are some guidelines to help you make the most of our services: You should have at least 3 photos, having more photos is recommended as it gives an idea to a scout from different angles and in different clothes.




  • Photo 1: A close-up face shot: your portrait, your face should fill most of the frame of the photo.
  • Photo 2: A three quarters to the waist up
  • Photo 3: A full-length picture with tight/form fitting clothes that defines your body shape



  • Light make up or no make up
  • A simple hair style
  • Preferably no smile in at least two out of three pictures
  • No accessories like hats, glasses or anything that will distract from seeing you
  • Be alone in the picture
  • Make sure the photos are not blurry, we need to be able to see you well.



You can have the pictures shot either indoors (with a flash), or outdoors (natural light is great) but whichever you choose, make sure the photographs are neither overexposed nor too dark. The lighting should be evenly lit to reveal details like bone structure and skin quality. Extreme shadows or highlights can hide features that scouts need to properly evaluate you. Note that shooting in direct (mid-day) sun can be tricky; you can often get the best results by shooting in the morning or late afternoons. The best background is a white or neutral wall. Otherwise, keep it uncluttered. The eye should be drawn to you, not the puppy in your arms or the girlfriend holding your hand! The subject (YOU) should fill most of the frame of the photograph. Even for the body shot, have the picture shot as tight as possible, so your head is at the top of the picture, your feet are at the bottom.



Please make sure to put couple of videos showcasing your talent. The more videos you put, the better it is to scout your talent.


11. Is it safe to put my credit card information on

Yes, our site is 100% tested and certified daily to pass the FBI/SANS Internet Security Test. The "live" HACKER SAFE mark appears only when a web site's current security status meets the highest security standards and major credit card companies including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB.


12. How do I get modeling jobs?

Modeling jobs are usually provided by modeling agencies or casting agents. When an advertiser wants to find models for an ad campaign, a brochure or a TV commercial, it asks a modeling agency to provide models that fit the style of the advertising. This is the role of your agent, to ensure that you get the right type of modeling jobs, and this is why it is important to have an agent or agency represent you. makes your portfolio accessible to leading agencies throughout the world who already manage the career of thousands of other models. It is a convenient, safe and affordable way to get discovered.

Whether you live in Los Angeles, CA or New Delhi, India or in Madrid, Spain, makes your portfolio accessible to a large list of agencies, all in one place, that cover every modeling category (fashion/editorial modeling, fitness, plus size, real people, etc...). Keep in mind being represented by a modeling agency does not mean you are guaranteed to get modeling work.

13. Why should I use Can't I just mail my photos to agencies? allows you to increase your chances of success and saves you time and money.

Sending your photos or visiting agencies near you in person is always recommended, but not always practical. By posting your pictures on, you are accessing a large number of top modeling agencies that are located all over the world. Our system matches you to the right type of agency looking for your profile of model.

In addition, all participating agencies are reputable agencies with a proven track record. When you are contacted by participating agencies through, you know it is an established agency that can provide you with legitimate modeling jobs.

Agencies receive hundreds of submissions a day at their office. Submitting your pictures through is a more efficient and safer way to reach the right people while saving time and money.

Your portfolio will also be listed on our database giving you exposure on the professional modeling and talent web site in the world. Our website is used by a lot of professionals including agents, photographers, editors, art directors, advertising executives, and hair & makeup artists.


14. Can I send in my photos for you to review them/tell me if I have a chance before I sign up?

No, you will be able to upload your photos yourself on your portfolio, and you can update them at any time and as often as you want as long as your membership is active.

Ultimately it will be up to the participating advertising companies to review your photos to decide if they think you have potential. We will help you look your best and present you to the right type of agencies through our online model search service.


15. Is a modeling agency? Do I become a model when I register for is not a modeling agency. We connect you with modeling agencies and modeling professionals by making your online portfolio accessible to some of the best modeling agencies the industry.

We put you in touch with the agencies that provide models to such advertisers.
It is the best opportunity to be seen by some of the best agencies in the business and to get exposure on the professional modeling and talent web site all in a secure way (your privacy is always protected) at a very reasonable cost and in a very convenient way (all online!)


16. How long will it take before I get contacted by an agency through

It depends on a number of factors; some members get contacted after a few days, others several months after joining. Keep in mind we cannot guarantee that you will get contacted, in the end it is up to the professionals and agencies using to decide who they want to contact. But there are many things you can do to improve your chances:

  • Make sure your stats/measurements are accurate
  • Have good photos (simple snapshots or polaroids for beginners are recommended)

After you create your portfolio, our member support team will assist you in telling you what to change and how to improve your photos. Once your portfolio is finalized, it is inserted in our database of portfolios, which is searched by the Participating Agencies. You will also be listed in our premium search (if you choose to become a premier member) where other members including photographers and modeling professionals can contact you (coming soon)

When your portfolio is searched by the participating agency, depending on your profile and on the agents who review your portfolio, it could take as little as a week or up to a couple of months for you to get contacted.

Before you sign up, you should also make sure you read the requirements, while there can be exceptions if you are not within the usual height and size models are expected to be, your chances of success will be very limited.

Keep in mind trends and fashion are always changing, so if you don't get contacted at first, an agent could still sign you up later, after having previously rejected you.

We are constantly recruiting new agencies all over the world to scout our members. We provide you with a continuous opportunity, not just a one time shot. You can improve and update your portfolio photos throughout the length of your membership to increase your chances of success. is the easiest and most affordable way to be exposed to the list of advertising companies while providing you with on going support, advice, and tips.


17. How can I make sure that agencies are really using's service to recruit new models?

We have a lot of success stories! To hear it straight from some of our members check out the success story page (coming soon)


18. What do I get from

Here is what you getby signing up with us-

    -Save a lot of time and money compared to traditional scouting conventions that can cost up to thousands of dollars. It is also a convenient and inexpensive way to expose and showcase your modeling skills or talent without having to travel or to mail your photos.  

-      Have a great chance of being discovered through our advanced model search database, used by participating agencies on



 1.    Am I able to ask a specific model for a job?

Not at this moment but we are upgrading soon when you will be able to browse our models and talents database and directly contact the model or talent. In the meantime, please e-mail us at with the profile id of the model and talent and we will contact them for you.


2.    Is there a limit to the number of casting calls I can post on Flaash?

No, you can post as many casting calls as you want.  


3.    Why has my casting call been removed from the website? has the right to remove/delete any casting calls that it deems inappropriate. For more information please email with your queries.  


4. Do you have any tips on how I can increase my chances of models applying to the job I'm posting?

  Yes, please make sure to follow the steps below- 

- Make sure that you fill out all the required fields in the casting call creation page.

- Try to be as specific as possible regarding the type of model or talent you're looking for, including age, height, or any specific requirements that you have.

- Make sure you include the country, state (if applicable), city, and location for models to be able to search for your listing easily.