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Screen/Nick name : Ciani
Personal URL :
Location : Bedminster, New Jersey
Age : 22
Talent : Dancer
Expertise in :
Years of Experience : 9
Visitors Count : 2522
One of my biggest inspirations in dance is Michael Jackson! And one thing I hope to achieve as an adult dance teacher is giving back, not only with knowlege and lessons, but giving a young dancer who may not come from a wealthy family an opportunity and chance to participate in doing what he or she loves on a competitive level.I hope to achieve doing this if I open a studio, and if it is successful, being able to offer one scholarship per year to a new dancer! As for my life now, other than dance being my life! I am a typical 14 yr old girl who likes to hang out with friends (usually making up dances) studies hard, and practices even harder. I've learned since age 5 that hard work pays off! I get good grades in school, and hope to one day own my own studio and still perform as an adult. I've made wonderful friendships in dance at competitions, workshops, and summer intensives. Aside from dance, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, having movie nights with my mom and brother, and swimming!